Friday, October 2, 2015

Producing a Video That Focuses on Your Customers & Creating a How-To as New Method of Marketing

You’ll find some video production companies out there that focus too extensively on making videos all about their clients. While there isn’t anything wrong with showing things about yourself in reasonable doses, a marketing video should never be about them exclusively. With more focus recently on nurturing relationships with customers in corporations, it’s time you took the same initiative. You need a marketing video focused more on helping the customer rather than yourself.

Here at Joyco Productions, we’ll help you with this approach if you’ve always thought a marketing video means being exclusively about you. You have some specific approaches to being more personal so your prospective customers feel like you’re talking only to them.

Solving a Problem for Your Customers

The point of making a video for your customers is solving a problem for them with a product you’re selling. No matter what you product is, it should always solve a problem that’s never been adequately solved by anything else on the market. In your video, making this clear already captures viewer attention so they know it’s about them.

Your backstory is fine, as long as you keep it brief in the beginning. Using our creative expertise, your own brief personal story can set things up for addressing your customers personally.

Showing Testimonials as Proof

When you make claims of solving a problem for your customers, you also need proof of how it’s already worked for others. We’ll help you compile footage of other test customers who’ve already tried your product. Then we’ll add that footage to your marketing video as testimonials.

With testimonials from real customers, you have a powerful way of speaking directly to your viewers. At the same time, create a narration style as if talking to a friend. Show some empathy for what your customers are likely going through rather than constantly mentioning how great your company is. Using proper integration of the personal and customer testimonials, the evidence will speak for itself how great you are. You’ve also taken the first step in nurturing more personal relationships with your customers by putting the spotlight on them.

If you need a marketing video for your business in Denver, you’re possibly instantly thinking of conventional production methods that everyone you know uses. This might mean a video telling about your background, taking a tour of your company, or introducing you and your staff. While these methods still work as methods of storytelling, another method is available as a new form of telling a story.

Here at Joyco, we’re getting many requests for how-to marketing videos where you tell a story about how your product works. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean focusing squarely on your product. Any type of how-to giving information that’s valuable to your customers is a popular trend.

How do you approach a how-to marketing video so it’s entertaining and not dull? We’ll help you create one and prove that a how-to is sometimes a compelling method in providing information your prospective customers can’t find anywhere else.

Demonstrating How Your Product Works

The most popular how-to method is showing real-time use of your product so those watching see proven results. If you have a product that provides results within a short period of time, doing a one-take demonstration of what it does is one of the best how-to methods. When you apply the result to a real-world situation, you bring a much more powerful marketing edge.

Making this how-to element successful is ably showing how easy it is to use your product. You’ll need a demonstrator who easily uses your product in an adept way without mistakes. In some cases, this could be yourself as the creator of the product, or an actor who’s learned how to use your product effectively.

A How-To with Useful Facts

Even if you don’t have a product and only a company service, providing entertaining facts in how-to format also works well. Whether it is in animation or live-action form, we’ll help you come up with entertaining ways to provide facts pertaining to what you offer. You can back up all your facts with testimonials from past customers, or factoids done in fun or humorous ways.
One of the most popular videos in this realm is by Blendtec where they put a guy in a lab coat and put a wide variety of things in their blender, some things would surprise you, take a look!

Keep in mind that points out that 70% of all beauty product buyers will view how-to videos this year to influence what they buy. Ultimately, any product works as long as you show demonstrable results.

Contact us at Joyco Productionsso we can create a powerful marketing video as a new and refreshing approach to introduce who you are and how to use your product or service.


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